Tuesday, May 16, 2006

All That Work and It Wound Him Up

I am sitting here at 10:56 PM and there is a little blonde haired, green eyed, (Yes, like his mama) boy sitting in the chair across the room from me. You think to yourself, "What a horrible mama. That precious little child should be tucked in his warm bed fast asleep." Tsk, Tsk!) He has been tucked in his bed, twelve or so times. He can't sleep. We have done everything to make this boy tired. I was sure that tonight would be a 7:30 pm night. He baked his little brain in the sun all day, ate lots of sugary pop cycles that should have raised then dropped his blood sugar, had Bible Study time with Daddy, warm milk with Coral, etc, etc, etc. Now he is sitting here wide awake asking me what orange and green make and why I haven't killed the giant spider in the corner that he told me about this morning. He said he is going to go get the "smacker". Anyway, he is now picking at my arm and crying "Kill the spider, mommy. Kill that thingy hanging from the ceiling." So I guess I should go be his hero, because now he is "not doing anything wrong". He is tattooing himself with a red pen. It is now 11:06. So much can happen in 10 minutes.

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