Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Clogged Brain

My brain is clogged. I can't seem to think of anything to say these days. Somedays I can write three entries, but not right now. I am having a hard time talking to my family...And I'm a woman. Do women ever really run out of things to say? To much stress in too few days. Things work themselves out, but man can the ride be bumpy.....I'll be back! Don't worry... :-)


Anonymous said...

Just be patient. The happiness will fill your body. Be patient and be prepared. Who knows when? Maybe next time when you change the side of pillow or maybe when you take the first zip from your next cup of coffee.

Melissa said...

Don't be so hard on yourslef. Our minds only work as well as the day! Sometimes the times you can write 3 times in a day are the days you've had time to reflect on the chaos before. It's kind of nice for you to share with all of us that you are an earthen vessel. It allows people to relate to the writer. I think you are wonderful! Keep writing....I'm really enjoying it! You have a gift!