Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Storyteller

Today I have a guest writer appearing on my blog. Amanda is a 10 year old budding writer from Washington. Enjoy!

The Story Teller

We all sat in a circle around the campfire. It was dark outside. The only light was coming from the stars overhead and the campfire. The fire blew smoke in our faces. My grandpa started to tell a really scary story. It was about a ghost town! I had to have my back to a tree because I was so fearful. Grandpa paused at the truly scary parts to make it even scarier than it was. He made his voice go with the story so much that he terrified himself. All his hair went up on his arm! When he heard a noise he turned his head like something was there. I wanted to scream because I was so petrified!
When we went to bed I still felt so afraid. I would have felt a little better if I was in a house, but I wasn't. I was in a non-protected tent, and that scared me even more. Grandpa is coming to my house soon, and I can't wait for another ghost story.

Written by Amanda


grandpa said...

amanda: You are so smart. What a neat story. You made the hair come up on both arms just telling what I was doing around the campfire. Keep up the writing and someday you'll write a book like your mom is going to do. Can't wait. Love Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Cute story Amanda! Love, aunt Kelly

syverson said...

what a great story Amanda. You could be writting books someday.

Melissa said...


You very obviously have the same gift as your mother. I enjoyed your story. Please write more soon and forgive me for taking so long to get this "blog" thing figured out. I'm an old geek(as least to you kids:).