Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Do-It-Yourself French Pedicure

Ironing, eating, running around in a panic trying to get out of the door to beat Friday night traffic to Tiffani's graduation. Can you feel the rush? I had been on the kids all day to make sure they were ready by 5:00 so we wouldn't have to drive frantically to get there on time. Suddenly I decided that I could not wear sandals without a quick do-it-yourself French pedicure that I hadn't done earlier in the week when I "had the time". I began to look through "MY" stuff for the white polish I had bought specifically for myself. Wouldn't you know it, someone had borrowed it and it wasn't where it was suppose to be.

Me: "I can't believe this. I can't have anything in this house that is just mine." Stupid, irrational thing to say in a house with teenage daughters.

Them: "We put it back. We promise."

Me: "I can't believe you aren't looking."

My life is coming to a bitter end because this is something that has to be done!! My oldest is graduating from high school, and someone might notice if my toenails aren't painted!

Them: "I can't find it. It must be so and so's fault. I would never not put your stuff back."

Me: To angry to speak, digging through my craft paints for white paint and a paint brush. Paint toenails with white craft paint and oversized craft brush. The Teens look on in amusement. Toes look like doggy doo, but ok from a distance. Maybe someone will notice, from a distance....

Grandpa who has flown in for this special occasion listens to his out of control, irrational daughter that he helped bring into this world for unknown reasons at this moment: "I wasn't going to say anything, but I was going to suggest you head out to the garage and get some of that white paint your husband used on the house trim."

Me: Uhhh! What do you say to that.

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