Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Potty Stories Part 9,856,423

I know. I know. How many could there possibly be. Well, let me tell you. We are now moving onto Evan's adventure. He has a mega bladder so he is very unpredictable. Sometimes he succeeds, sometimes he is lazy, and sometimes he just goes where he is, like...

Yesterday I heard, "MOM, MOM" coming from the backyard. It was a little after seven and the boys had gone out for a final run around the backyard before story time with Daddy. Amanda was out there with her tweeny friends who think everything is gross. I looked out and there is a large, perfectly shaped rainbow "streaming" from my son. He was standing in the middle of the yard victorious. He was amazed by it. I guess it doesn't usually shoot that far if you are "trying" to hit the toilet. As he was watching it with great concentration he reached out and put his hand through it. Very methodically. Next he wiped his hands on his clean jammies, finished up, and freaked out because I made him come wash his hands. I have heard that urine is very sterile...I think I am going to Google that.

Oh ya, the sun came out two days ago...I know it is August, and it shouldn't do that, but we went to the fountain to play.

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Melissa said...

Oh how funny!!! and the funny thing is, that boys obsessions with that whole thing never goes away!!! I remember a certain someone whom I used to date, that peed down a playground slide in a rain storm when he was at least 25 with another friend, and told me the story with great joy!
Hummm... I'll have to ask Sam if he & his friends did the same kinds of things...
Thanks for the morning laugh!!!!