Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dear Shellie

Dear Shellie,

You have made it through so much in life. This is just another hill you have to climb, and you will reach the top. I promise. You always do. You always persevere. It is OK to grieve over lost dreams and time that flies, but then you have to get up and make the most of this life you have been given. Stop trying to figure out how you got where you are and rejoice in where you are. You are not alone, you are not abandoned. Steve isn't going anywhere, and even if and when your children do stray away from you, they know where to find you. You have been in the same place their whole life, and you will continue to be there because that is who you are. So, go to sleep in your husband's arms and rest. Tomorrow is a new day.

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Melissa said...

Yep, today is a new day Shellie! Hang in there!! You have done a good job with your kids, sure, you aren't perfect, you made some mistakes, but EVERYONE does!!! and your kids aren't perfect either, NO ONES kids are! We should expect them to make some mistakes, some bad choices, but the Lord promises us He will never leave us, OR THEM! His Word never returns void (and your girls have heard His Word their whole lives) and He never stops knocking on the doors we close! Letting go of our kids is the toughest thing a mom has to do, no one can understand how difficult until they have their own (I bawled the day we dedicated Vienna because I realized that was my first step of letting go and I don't wanna do it ever!) You are loved, and you are who the Lord made you to be, and you are wonderful! Enjoy life, enjoy your family, mistakes will happen, they will shape our lives, and sometimes our biggest mistakes are what make us stronger in the end! The Lord knows what each of us needs and in His love lets us have the experience we need, no matter how painful. But He is ALWAYS there to pick us up!
Just my babblings for you today... I know I can't make it better, but I wish I could (and if I had money I'd be off with you and Krista to Disneyland! Lord knows all THREE of us could use the vacation!!!) HUGS!