Friday, October 21, 2011

What I Do All Day Part 2

I kiss my little guys. I watch all of my children because watching them is an amazing thing to do. I watch them play in their games and practices, interact with each other, be silent, be LOUD, just be. I hold the little ones and am privileged enough to be confided in by the older ones. I hopefully respect and love my husband enough for him to notice. I take joy in their accomplishments. I am amazed by my grandson and just pick him up and maul him randomly. I correct and hopefully direct my children. Sometimes I fail at this and sometimes I succeed. I lose my patience and have tons of patience. I love having my amazing home and taking care of it. I feel overwhelmed by how much work it takes some days. I am honored and humbled to have a husband who cares for all of us...financially and emotionally. There are very few days I am not struck by his consistency when he gets up before dawn. I am honored and humbled that he and I are on the same page with his job and my job. I make a lot of mistakes with the people I love. I am hopefully humble enough to admit them and ask for forgiveness. I pray I honor my God, my family, my friends. I pray I am a blessing to those around me because I am beyond blessed by them. My days are full. My days may look the same with little things thrown in here and there. But, I cannot imagine doing anything else right now. It is real. It counts. It is my life. And I will count my blessings in the midst of the busy.

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