Friday, May 05, 2006

Mamma's in a Coma

I threw my neck muscle out, Amanda is taking her neb for the umpteenth time, Steve is sleeping like a baby, and I am writing to my fan club. Where are the rest of the kids you ask? Um...I don't know because right before Amanda's asthma attack I took cough medicine. Not the kind that you get over the counter, but the kind you pay $50 for and the doctor winks at you and says..."Do you want it to knock you out?" While he is writing your prescription. You answer heck yes, I haven't slept for two maybe three weeks. Bring it on. So you sneak 1 1/2 tsp rather than the prescribed one thinking to one will notice. You are happy, happy, happy because the kids will have to wake daddy up because mamma's in a coma. Then before you can crawl up the stairs to bed all He_ _ breaks loose and your husband has to actually leave the house past 9pm to get medicine from the pharmacy because you can't drive. He doesn't LIKE to leave the house between 5:00pm and 5:00am. Not only can you not drive but when you speak to the answering machine at the doctor's office pleading for help you leave a totally random phone number that makes your husband open the bathroom door while he is taking care of business and look at you like you are from outer space...Saying "What number did you just give them?" Yes, it is the doctor that you chewed out just the day before for being clueless! At this point they are wondering, "Why did we not call this woman back about her antidepressants." I need sleep.


shellies1stdaughter said...

hey mom, yes i made a blog thing to :) but just so i could comment on yours. this is soo funny. i can just see you standing there on the phone giving the wrong number and sounding rediculas. haha anyway. i love you still so much. :)

Walkfarmar said...

Okay I think this is going to work now. I had to sign up too so this should be interesting. I just want to know what in the world were you thinking woman? Next time make sure you take 2 spoonfuls so that you are completely out - Silly rabbit!

shelliesbiggestfan said...

Hello there ! I thought I should log on and and let EVERYBODY know that I am your biggest fan. Yes, that's right, biggest fan since 1998.

In case you're still in your fuzzy, "Nyquil" coma I thought I would let you know that you should have two little boys and three girls running around your house. And that big guy is your husband.

Love always,

Anonymous said...

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