Monday, June 05, 2006

Mom Feeds Kid Out of Garbage Can

Yes, this could be the title of some board reporter looking for a write up on malnourished children, but don't worry. I am not really feeding my kids out of trash cans. It is just the perspective of an almost four year old boy. How does he come up with this stuff. He is so logical. We are in Winco which is my absolute least favorite place to be on the planet especially on Sunday afternoon. I would rather be napping or scrubbing a stranger's dirty toilet than grocery shop, but someone has got to do it. Off Steve, the boys, and I went. Ian wanted "squirrel" peanuts (for him, not the squirrels) so I went to the bulk isle and let him scoop what he thought was a large amount of peanuts into a bag. About ten peanuts. $0.44 worth. We tagged it and went on our way. Steve was in the manly meat isle teaching Evan about men's love of meat. We met up with him, and Ian says to daddy, "Mommy got me these peanuts out of the trash can. There was a big shovel there that she let me scoop them with." What more could a dirty little munchin want in life than to scoop food out of a trash can? This was followed by a raised eyebrow from my husband, the father of my children. I translated..."Mommy got Ian peanuts out of the bulk bin with a small, somewhat sanitary silver scoop. Maybe sanitary....It was the bulk isle!"

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Anonymous said...

I love the stuff little kids come up with. I can at least still enjoy hearing it from you. I miss that. My favorite age was 3. They just say the cutest things.