Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ok, Just A Little

I can't sleep. Stupid allergy cough. I'll share a little Ian quote to make you smile. Every Friday I take one of my kids on a date. It is a simple yet great time each week. It gives me an opportunity to catch up with my kids and spend time talking face to face. This was Amanda's week with me, and we went to this new to me ice cream place that we had a buy one get one free dealy....Oh my goodness, I have never seen so much ice cream in a single serving before. I am usually the kiddy cone size but this was, I'm not kidding, HUGE. Anyway on to the cute stuff. Ian asked Steve to take him on a date. This is how he explained his upcoming date to Amanda.

Amanda, "Ian, are you excited about going on a date with daddy?"
Ian, "Ya"
Amanda, "Where are you guys going?"
Ian, "It's just for us men."
Amanda laughing, "OOOHHHH, OK!"

They were so manly. They went to DQ and got a milkshake.

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