Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Good Nights

I am trying to think of something funny someone did today, but frankly I am exhausted. Having a four year old boy topped off with a two year old boy is exhausting. I have never experienced this kind of energy level in two human beings in my life. But, fortunately night always comes. Bath, clean PJ's, clean teeth, two stories, prayers, "fresh" water in their sippy cups, and they go to bed. Every night like clock work. They actually lay down in their beds and go to sleep in the same room. Very seldom do they get out of bed for any reason. It is like viewing a miracle every night. 11 hours later they hit the ground running. I am thankful for nights.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Shellie, I know what you mean! Thank God for nights! My kids are the same way, once they're down, they're down, isn't it nice? Maybe you should have another little one in the mix? Wanna borrow Haley for a few days? JK! Love, Missy

Wanda Nichol said...

Aren't they precious angels at night. I miss them. Love,mom