Monday, September 11, 2006

Where were you?

What were you doing five years ago today? I was driving down the freeway. Everything started moving in slow motion. I didn't get what was going on because I didn't understand the concept of being attached on American soil. It all seemed so surreal. I looked in the cars driving next to me, and there were people weeping. We were on the opposite side of the country yet we were still effected deeply by what we were hearing on the radio. The days that followed were filled with such patriotism, and our faith and need for God as a nation was re-kindled. How quickly we forgot those days.

I am sad for my children that they will not grow up "naive" to such things like I did. Amanda was only five, but she still remembers parts of what happened that day. Ian and Evan will never know the world the way it was post 9/11, and yet they sit here at my feet not understanding the danger that we now live in.

Today I want to thank our nephew, BJ, and the other men and women who serve everyday to protect our children from another day like we experienced five years ago. We sleep better at night knowing you are out there doing what you believe in to keep your fellow Americans safe. We support you in your efforts.

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arlene said...

On 9/11 we were in our cabin in Pennsylvania and I turned on the news to see the second plane go in. I was yelling for George to come see it, and he was yelling for me to come see the huge black bear who was sitting in the road. Our next door neighbor worked for the New York Times and commuted daily to the city. We sat with his wife while they communicated via cel phone. His company put their emplyees up in a nice hotel for a couple days, because the bridges and tunnels were blocked.

Yes, the world has changed, but it's just a different enemy. When I was a kid, it was Nazi Germany. Later we had to duck under tables for atom bomb attack practice. Then it was the cold war. We survived them, and we'll survive this.