Thursday, November 16, 2006


I HATE black sharpies. I HATE black sharpies...Everyone say it with me, and maybe they will all run away.

The "blender" LOVES black sharpies. I am going to invest in "Magic Sponges". Have you tried them yet? Have you had anything to try them on? If you need something come on over. There is plenty of things you could work on with your little "Magic Sponge".


slap me happy said...

what the heck are black sharpies lol
I have not one clue LMBO

Anonymous said...

Remember when Justin wrote his name in 4 inch high letters (in black sharpie) on Alec's bedroom door? Can you imagine how it feels to have your sibling's name on your bedroom door? Ha Ha We finally had to paint over it (they didn't have magic erasers then).
Love, Kelly