Monday, January 29, 2007

Guessing Game

Who do you think this cute little person is?
Who put Evan in a dress?
And what about these two beautiful ladies?
Know who they are?

Here is a picture for comparison....Of course the date is wrong.


Anonymous said...

Oh Shellie! You are so adorable! And look how wonderful Nene and your mom look. Time passes way way too fast.

You and Evan are twins. We have a picture like that of Marq when he was two and Alec looks just like him. History repeating itself.

Love & Kisses, Kelly N.

P.S. Box on it's way with "missing" clothes from trip!

Shellie said...

I know aren't we cute. And everyone should be impressed with my first scanning project success. I am impressed with myself. I scanned, I transfered. Amazing!

Arlene said...

Too cute. It's obviously Wanda, and I was pretty sure the kid was you. Don't know the other lady.

George will be proud of your scan talent. I am.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! I remember very well these 3 beautuful ladies. I am very fond of each one of them. Pat was a wonderful mother-in-law and boy could she fry chicken. Everytime we have fried chicken I always think of her. She could cook it up in short order with all the trimings. Remember that Nene was the one that rescued you from your father's care or rather lack of fatherly know-how. "Let's keep her plenty warm, what goes on first the diapers or the rubber pants, and don't touch that rubber nipple with bare hands or she'll get contaminated!" Those were quite the days and as mom says "It's hard to believe its been nearly 40 years." Thanks, Shellie for sharing this picture which brings back many good memories. Love Dad

Wanda said...

I knew you and Evan looked alike but it's really shows when you put the two pictures together. You both are so cute. It seems like a long time ago that mom, you, and I made that trip to see Grandma Nita. It was spring time. Marq was born in July, so I guess you could say he made the trip too.