Saturday, January 27, 2007

Many Forms of Excess

We are sick of being fat. We took our Christmas money and bought an exercise bike instead of paying bills, bills, and more bills. Gulp, it was a gift you know. We are doing really well at exercising everyday. I am trying to not be excessive. I am trying to be rational and realize I can not work off 18 years of baby fat and chips and salsa in two weeks. The only thing that is a little excessive is my husband's sweat. I have never seen anyone do that. I want to sweat like that. It actually looks like you have worked out. I remember the first time I saw him sweat like that. We were dancing. Now there is something to see, Steve dancing, and once again, lots of sweat. No slow dancing for us after he busts a move I'm telling ya.

Anyway, when I exercise I don't get the satisfaction of sweating like a man. I just get to sweat a little. He also looses weight three times faster than me. Now, that is the definition of fair don't you think? I get to have the children, nurse them, stay home with them with the chips and salsa, and he gets to loose the weight. Oh well. Off to the exercise bike. At least I know I am doing something good for my heart. Maybe it looks good in there under all this excess.

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Missy Coe Loves Shoes said...

Can I just say Amen all over that post!!! **deep sigh** it's off to Curves in the morning for me (that is, if Vienna will take a nap becasue Sam just can't watch her while he's working...grrr) you'd think it'd be nice having Curves only a mile away... but I STILL can't get there... I'm doomed to be fat forever, oh well, at least I get to enjoy food :)