Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fingernail Polish Does Not Go There

Where is my margarita?

It kind of stresses me out when I think my child is bleeding to death...from his naked.

He was crying and there was red stuff everywhere. He had just finished his shower. I went to get myself dressed, and two minutes later I heard the commotion. TWO MINUTES! That is all it took this time for him to do something to cause my life to be shortened. His brother was yelling, and at first glance, it looked like Evan was bleeding from his naked. A lot. His feet were covered with it.

Once I realized the color was more pinkish-red, I took a deep breath to investigate. He had painted himself with fingernail polish and it was stinging. I would imagine so.

Very seldom in my parenting do I find something so out of the ordinary that I am stumped with what to do. This did that to me. What do you use on a little boys naked to get fingernail polish off of it without causing some kind of damage?

I had some oil for removing wax from the walls when he "painted" them. I mean to remove wax from my eyebrow area. He was dumping it on himself. I tried that first not wanting to use fingernail polish remover on such a delicate spot. It helped, but I had to break out the toxins to get it off thoroughly.

I almost called the doctor because I was so afraid of hurting him somehow. But, I was too afraid of their reaction.

"He did what? Where? Please hold."

Then I invisioned them forgetting to press the hold key and me hearing way too much laughing. I was afraid I would end up on some kind of bulletin board as the funniest thing they had heard in the year 2007.

I took another deep breath, and I successfully removed all the polish, except on my only pair of capri's. He wiped his feet all over me while I was dancing around trying to figure out what to do.

Thankfully he is not a girl. But, as Coral often says about the things he does, "A girl would never do that." What Coral forgets is that Evan is a clone of her. She may not do "that" particular thing, but she was...a lot like Evan.


Arlene said...

History repeats itself. When Steve and Kelly were that age, we visited friends at their summer cabin. Upon returning home and preparing to bathe them, I discovered elaborate markings on delicate spots of the anatomy. It seems our friends' little boy had a new set of permanent felt markers, and they got creative on each other. The artwork lasted a long time.

slap me happy said...

your heart rate must have been through the roof, kids they give us the best of memories hey lol Glad it was all ok in the end for you both

Melissa said...

OH MY... Laughed soooo hard I woke Vienna up in the next room!!!! soooo very much needed that today... thank you thank you thank you!! (right now I"m glad she's not completely mobile yet... but she's ready to walk any moment.. then look out!)

Anonymous said...

o wow. haha i didn't know he did that. i dont know what i would have done. yes i do i would have called you if he was my son. lol