Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Me: A Girl in a Man's World

Yesterday we went to the fair. We got there just in time to see the MONSTER TRUCKS. This was one of those moments when I realized I was out numbered. We just had the boys. It was LOUD...really LOUD.

Evan's View
I was plugging Evan's ears to prevent permanent hearing loss when all of a sudden I felt something rattling in his head. For a second I really thought his brain was rattling....from the noise. It really was that loud. I turned his face towards me. He was making car noises, and his little cheeks were rattling. It was so cute. Then he tried to talk to his dad about what was going on, and all he could get out was brooooooooommmmmmmmm. No words, just noise.

Ian's View
I have never seen some one's eyes as big as Ians were. He was clapping as big and as hard as he could. I could see him talking to his dad, but I couldn't hear what he was saying. It was to loud. It makes me laugh to think about it because there was so much testosterone flying around in those stands you could reach out and touch it. Huge trucks standing on their back wheels on top of smashed cars was amazing to him.

Steve's View
Steve loved it. It was fun for him to be there with the boys. We all need to remember that less than 6 years ago the only other male that lived in our house was a hamster named FooFoo. The tide has changed, and I think he appreciates the car noises over the talking...not that he doesn't love to listen to his girls talk...it's just different. He can relate.

My View
We saw cars jump, splatter, squish, smoke, tip, and roll. It was fascinating really...for the first 45 minutes. But the mother in me, which is a predominate part of me, envisioned flying vehicles, engulfed in flames, landing on the crowd. I was a girl in a man's world.

Today I imagined myself sitting in a bubble bath with candles and soft music, but the bathtub is too small for bubble baths, and there are unusual car noises...new car noises...smashing car noises coming from the other room. So, I press on. I will purchase more monster trucks over time, and maybe I will even let them make mud.


Arlene said...

Are you saying those guys have lived all these years and never made mud? Gooshy gooey mud to squish between their fingers and toes? Be brave; it washes off. Much better than Play Doh.

Shellie said...

Yes, they have made mud. Lots of mud. They just usually do it on the side of the house where I can't see and when I walk out there are three brown people covered from head to toe. Amanda is usually the instigator. I was thinking I would actually help them....we'll see.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful description of the days events. It sounds like your three boys were in heaven. How fun !


Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world....just once I would like to go to Ice Capades or walk down the "pink aisle" at the toy store.
Love, Kelly