Sunday, August 19, 2007

Red Light Foot, Green Light Foot

This is Evan's red light foot. When he sees a red light he holds this one up. When he sees a green light he hold his other foot up....until he sees the next light. Maybe I should do this while Steve is driving. It would work my abs. Steve asked him where his yellow light foot was, and he couldn't find it. Now he holds up his hands when he sees a yellow light.

This is a spaceship. Life must be fun when you are three.

Today Evan got to go to his new big boy class at church and wear big boy underwear for the first time to church. His new class is Ian's old class. Ian moved up to the KINDERGARTEN class...Ian was adorable. He gave Evan a run down of the rules. "If you bite you don't get any chances. They will put you in time-out. If you hit, punch, or kick you get put in time-out, but if you accidentally trip someone you won't get put in time out. Just if you do it on purpose. Don't worry they won't bit you. They are pretty nice kids."

When Evan got in the car after class I asked him if he bit anyone...this has been an issue. He smiled and said, "No just tripped."


Arlene said...

What a bright child.

The sole of Evan's red light foot seems to be red. What color is his other sole?

Shellie said...

They are both the same color, and they are both that dirty.