Monday, June 22, 2009

Grandpa George May Be Right

Tonight when Ian got out of the shower he was telling me that it took him 2 seconds to dry off and how amazed he was that his hair was already dry. I started saying how great it must be to be a guy and not have to straighten and dry your hair. He interrupted me and said, "Mom, can you put a temperature thing on the shower because I found the perfect temperature for me but probably not for you."

Oh my, this does remind me of someone I know. How about you, Arlene? Do we have another engineer in the family? Maybe Grandpa George should get him a pocket-pack thingy for his birthday. :-)


Anonymous said...

Jeez. Now I will have to outfit him with a nerd pack and white socks!

Grandpa George

Arlene said...

Yep, two of a kind. Aren't we proud?