Sunday, September 11, 2011


"History is a tool for the living."

I heard this last night on a 9/11 special. It will go in my "favorite quotes" book. It stirred me, made me stop for a moment. My heart was broken in a new way watching it all happen again last night. Hearing the voices of those lost...and some who were saved. Seeing the pictures of things that are way too hard to grasp on a television screen. I didn't know if I could make it through it was so heartbreaking. But, I am thankful my heart feels broken over something so horrible. I am thankful I have not become immune to human suffering.

I don't think 10 years ago I even began to grasp what was happening. I had no idea what the twin towers even were. I had no idea how to feel when we were the ones actually being hurt. It felt fiction.

I hope I grasp it a little more today. Not to become angry, miserable, or fearful but I just don't want to take what we have for granted. I don't want to forget how blessed we are and how quickly that can change. I don't want to forget that the human race is good, caring, sacrificing, and loving even if there are some who don't fit into that category. I don't want to forget our history.

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