Sunday, October 08, 2006

New Tastes~Familiar Faces

Last night my amazing in-laws took us to a restaurant on the 23rd floor of a hotel downtown. It overlooked all the bridges and the river. We could see the harvest moon from the many windows. It was gorgeous. I had lobster for the first time. It was almost scary for me to order it. I always thought it was an almost sacred food because I remember my father taking my mother out once a year for their anniversary, and she would order lobster. It was a really big deal. She would always bring home her leftovers and would never let us taste it. It was hers. Period. She shared everything else in her life, but we didn't touch the lobster. I decided it was time in my life to venture out on a limb and try it. It was delicious.

I really enjoyed the lobster, but most of all I enjoyed the company. 3 1/2 hours later we left. I love the conversations we have with Steve's parents. Arlene is so pleasant and George is, well George. I love listening to him even though I don't understand most of his engineer style talking. My sister-in-law is always enjoyable to talk to. Steve warned them that if they weren't careful they would be the topic of my next blog entry. Well they are, but only to honor them and to say I couldn't have hand picked a better family to marry into. I love them dearly.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, dear. We love you too.

Yes, it was a special evening, and I'm glad you recovered in time to share it with us.


Anonymous said...

why dident you say what hotel you went where did you go?

dave and wanda said...

What a wonderful story to share. We are so very thankful for Arlene and George and the love you have for them. Yes, mom still cherishes that lobster and I guess you now know the reason. I love it too. Thanks again for sharing this special time. Love, mom and dad

slap me happy said...

it is lovely that you have nice inlawa, mine are a funny bunch as well lol