Thursday, October 12, 2006

Yogurt and Butter

Yesterday I was going to tell you what a two year old can do with a container of yogurt. Today I could tell you what a two year old can do with a stick of butter, but I decided that after all I have been through with these two events I would just let you use your imagination. Any ideas on how to get soft butter out of a toaster?


Anonymous said...

Maybe a blow-torch? It would definitely burn off the butter, and probably destroy any toast crumbs and, of course, the entire electrical system. Or, you could just do what I would and throw it away and raid the child's bank to replace it!

Yesterday, Alec took one of my "good" spoons and bent it back and forth until it finally snapped. It cost him $6.00.

Love, Kelly

Shellie said...

Thanks for the advice, Kelly. My only question is, Child's Bank...What would that be...oh ya, I raided that this morning for milk. Just kidding, but seriously being the 7th child he doesn't even own a piggy bank.

Anonymous said...

Now we know what to get that poor child for Christmas!!! I bet he can fill it up in no time with change from his big sisters.

Anonymous said...

And now we know what to get poor Shellie for Christmas, too. Two slice or four?


slap me happy said...

buy a new one honey and send the kid to a cheaper college lol just kidding, have no idea but your week sounds like mine ; )