Monday, April 16, 2007

Cookie Please

Today Steve and I were talking about some deep theological thing in our really we were. Evan was running around as usual looking for something to get into. He came running out of my closet with a pad and asks his dad if he can have a cookie. I don't know why that kind of thing still embarrasses me. It is my husband and it was just a pad.

At least he didn't have my slinky undies wrapped around his neck, Evan not Steve, when someone came to visit like Tiffani did when she was his age. She came running out into the living room with my undies around her neck, which I must say were pretty cute at that time in my life. The man actually reached out and touched them and said, "Oh what do you have here?" I screamed in terror, "It's my underwear!" He jerked his hand back as if he had just received an electrical shock. Horrifying. Two year old children do and say amazing things.

While we were working in the yard I looked in the window and there was my Evan playing Tarzan on my curtain. Full blown Tarzan. Not just a little swing, a complete jumping out of the window swing, tearing the rod off the wall swing, bending the curtain hook strait swing, but not ripping it out of the wall swing. This action actually made Steve come out of his, "I am installing the sprinkler, I can think of nothing else at this moment box." When Evan sees Steve responding to something he is doing he runs~in the opposite direction of Steve and says, "Not a hard spank, Daddy! Not a hard spank." I would run too if I was two and a half feet tall and saw a six foot three man coming at me with a stern look on his face. When I come towards him he smirks, and then in all his wisdom immediately says, "Sorry, Mom. Forgive me."

Ian had an amazing fever, cough, etc. all weekend. He missed his soccer game and his pictures which broke his heart. Along with the fever came lots of needing me which is fine except I could hardly go potty without him crying by the door. The nice thing was him taking a nap for three hours a day which he never does. So, I actually got all my bulbs and flowers planted in the backyard. It is gorgeous. A few more touches and I'll post an "after" picture.

By last night the only thing I wanted in the world was a large bathtub with jets, a candle, and a margarita. I guess I would have settled for a beach get-away somewhere, but none were to be found so I settled for vanilla ice cream, a hot shower, and sleep~glorious sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Skimpy undies and margaritas. Isn't how all this got started in the first place?