Thursday, October 18, 2007

See My Injury

I got a text from Coral a couple of days ago with the question, "See my injury?" Hmmm, should I tell you what happened, or should I make you wait until tomorrow. OK, I'll tell you.

I knew it wasn't real, and it still freaked me out. She participated in a training drill at the hospital as part of a medical class she is taking at school. She was in the second worst "state", the first being dead.

She is alright though. A little makeup remover and she was good to go. A few breakouts, but no permanent damage.


Melissa said...

Oh my he[[~!!! Scared the crud out of me! Tiff just told me about totaling her car and how they were all ok, then I see this and think..OK? OK? That looks horrible!!! geeshh!! Glad it was just a drill!!

Anonymous said...

OH MY. . . . . . I was so freaked out thinking Coral was hurt that badly. SOOOO glad it wasn't real.

PHEW ! ! !

Snow White said...

what a beauty ouch lol, would be worth wearing for halloween around the hospital lol. Joe is going to get one just like that if he doesn't finish the deck soon, he pulled up the decking to replace it only to find the whole thing was not to good arghh here I am four days later with a toddler with cabin fever, hot weather and closed doors don't go together lol